A Word from the Rabbit:

I am a recent graduate in my Selfish20's who has finally grasped the importance of doing the things that I love in life. 

Often, as we grow older, we allow our inner child to dissolve. Responsibilities begin to stack up, and our true talents collect dust on the shelf. With age, the things that aren't earning us instant gratification or immediate income begin to devalue in importance. While bread and butter are necessities - I've found that allowing the pursuit of those things to stop you from chasing your passion breeds nothing but misery. I now realize, that happiness lies in watering your talents and watching them grow. Who knows? With time and consistency, maybe someday those passions will turn into buttered toast ;) 

Writing has been my escape since childhood. Communicating my experiences, vices, thoughts, daydreams and emotions alike into fictional accounts is my own little wonderful, whimsical relief. Making an audience relate, laugh, reminisce - and ultimately just feel, is the cherry on top of creation to me.

So thank you for stopping by RabbitHoleReads. I hope you enjoy what you come across because I certainly enjoyed creating it. 

- Desia M. Gore / @thebionicbunny_

¬®Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there's love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.¬® 

-Ella Jane Fitzgerald